How To Turn Your Phone Into
Your Most Lethal Seduction Weapon… So You Too
Can Easily Seduce & Bed Hot, Sexy Women!

New Program by the noted “Player Supreme” teaches men how to seduce women with only a cell phone!

Dear Friend,

You can seduce and bed women using text messages quicker and easier than talking to them face to face once you know the “secret formula.”

With this program even an extremely shy, trembling geek can make it work for him…and get the woman of his dreams into bed – within just a few days after meeting her…

Learn the art of persuasion and seduction “mind fucking” to get a woman dripping wet and ready to attack you.

Here are some facts on using a cell phone to seduce a woman:

  • Women will go a lot further using text messages that they would in a live, real conversation
  • Using texting allows you time to think and plot what to say to get her turned on!
  • It allows you to say a lot more, and get your point across without being ignored or interrupted!
  • And you can use slick persuasion and seduction tricks to mind fuck her with just a cell phone!
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You are just minutes away from discovering all the secrets that can turn your phone and text messages into your most lethal seduction weapon!

Let share with you what you will learn in this program:

  • How to send out your first text and what to say!
  • How to almost guarantee that she will text you back with ease!
  • What to say and how to say it!
  • How to open her body up mentally!
  • How to open her mind up with just words!
  • How to mind fuck her with just your phone to get her dripping wet
  • The story of “Joe the plumber” and how he got laid within 3 days!
  • Plus much much more

You will learn what to type and how to type it and a ton of more super seduction techniques in this manual.

It comes in a audio version for your ipods and cellphones.

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This package also includes a 170+ page complete and chocked full of seduction techniques-manual to blast your dating life into a whole new level.

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All of this powerful “seduction and bedding” technology is just waiting for you…

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Chris Arnett
Player Supreme