How to be a player: Lesson 12: Talking to women tips

Talking to girls tips

I want to share with you a piece of my upcoming product dealing with talking to women tips.

A lot of guys have trouble with learning the art of how to talk with women.

With my tools that I will be sharing I will not be teaching how to sweet talk women but how to actually engage them in a decent conversation that will keep them interested. So in short I will be teaching you through talking to women tips that will help you meet and date women.

As a kid I recall looking for talking to women tips from my dad and older brother and I recall them saying all you need is a rap Chris. A rap? I wanted just some tips on talking to women not this mysterious rap thing.

I read a book by eric webber called how to pick up girls that was about attracting women and guess what? It was full of talking to women tips. No magic secrets just good honest communication.

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