How to be a player: Lesson 11

How to be a player: States Of Being

States of Bein’ness
I used to believe that if you pretended to be something then eventually you will become that thing. Now I have changed in the realization that in order to become that thing you merely make the decision to achieve that state of being.

What that means is for those of you who are trying to be this great Player you merely have to make the choice to be in that state.

We make choices of our state of being everyday. For example:

If you are in the state of being joyful, it is because you chose to be joyful
If you are in the state of being sad it is because you chose to be sad
If you are in the state of being hurt it is because you chose to be hurt.
If you are in the state of being embarrassed it is because you chose to be embarrassed.
If you are in the state of being lonely it is …yes you got.
And so on and so on.

Being-ness is a state in which a person “is”, not an action that you take. A Player/Seducer, is merely a state of being. When you are in this state you do certain actions that that state causes. Such as seduce women. But:

You cannot do happy you can only be happy
You cannot do sad you can only be sad
You cannot do rejected, you can only be rejected.

Then from each state you start enacting it out-wardly. When you feel rejected, you start acting out-wordly this feeling. It’s not the cart before the horse.

We all makes choices on which state of being that we are in. I made the choice sometime ago to stay in the state of being a lover. That is what I ment when I said when I wake up I put my game face on and I wear it all day long. It is because I exist is this state of being.

Which is the mistake that a lot of players on this board are not doing. That is why I see so many posts on this girl did this to me or that, or I can’t seem to close the deal help me. It is because these guys are not existing in the state of being a Player. It is because these guys made the choice to be in the state of something else which is opposite of what their goal is.

It’s is also funny that when you choose to make a change it is when shyt really hits the fan. In order to be in a state of something the opposite must be present. For example:

In order for it to be hot there must be cold
In order for something to be tall, there must be something short.
In order for you to be a Player, there needs to be something showing up that is just the opposite.

Life has a way of testing you. Of course women will show up suddenly to challenge your state of being. Of course how you choose to respond will determine your resolve to be this thing. And that is why I see so many of those kinds of posts about this or that happened last night what do you guys think.

Well what I think is that you allowed yourselves to be pulled outta your being a Player. You failed life’s test. For example:

Lets say you went out and got dissed all night. You feel like shyt now. You believe you lost your game. I say that you allowed yourself to become this way. You fell out of your center of power or state of being. A true Don Juan/Player/Pimp/whatever you wanna call him stays in his center. Nothing can pull him off.

Women will sense this power in you and try to test you. You need to welcome each opportunity as a chance to learn. Not fall down and whine about it. This board should be chocked full of your success’s not your failures to stay centered.

I said that the opposite of your state will show up whenever you try to achieve a certain state of being. In our situation those opposites don’t have to come from women either. You will notice that people will start giving you shyt about what your doing and stuff like that. Your friends will start calling you a dog or exhibiting sudden sympish behavior.

But when you stick you your guns all those challenges will disappear and fade away. You will attract new friends or situations into your life that will support your choices.

There is a guy who has posted recently at another site about how he lost his ex-girlfriend. He is stuck in the state of being (feeling loss). It is his choice to be there. Several people who were in the opposite state suddenly started communication on his thread. What good did it do? None. It is only because he chooses so. It is his choice and we need to leave it be at that. And until he chooses other wise, he will stay there. We have challenged him with out thoughts and ideas. But his resolve is too strong to stay as he is. Now that’s the power of the human mind at work fellas.

Let me contribute one more example to this thought:

For the Dad’s in the room. Have you ever noticed that when your trying to seek the state of being a peace (relaxing) the kids will then pick that moment to start screaming or the phone will start ringing. Here is an exert from a email to a friend:

It is these opposites that teach us. Let me go back to the example of your kids screaming when your seeking peace. If you responded by going to their level then you have learned not to be in the state of peace. But if you respond by holding onto your goal of peace and relaxing and living through the moment, then eventually your energy will pass on to your kids (and don’t say ohhh no not my kids). Because even if they do not it doesn’t matter.

You will have mastered the moment. You will have changed the experience. By continuing to stay if focus for day’s and weeks will eventually show your children that becoming noisy is no longer an acceptable way of getting attention. As a matter of fact baby it will show them just the opposite.

Now applying this to Player- ism. When your dissed by a girl, you stay true to your goal and you stay in your own power. When you do nothing matters. Pretty soon distractions like these will disappear from your life.

This is why I once told a fool over at that I never get used as an emotional tampon. I don’t come from that place that will allow that.

Above I stated:

”You cannot do happy you can only be happy
You cannot do sad you can only be sad
You cannot do rejected, you can only be rejected.

Then from each state you start enacting it out-wardly. When you feel rejected, you start acting out-wordly this feeling. It’s not the cart before the horse. “

Let me also add that you cannot do (Player), you must be a Player. And that is the problem. Too many guys are trying to do (Player) and not trying to be a Player.

Your filling your heads with all these techniques for this or that. Spend 10 minutes on coffee then spend 2 hours here doing this. Then don’t forget to kino and also opps your forgot the number close…ect…ect…

When you enter the state of being. You flow. The whole thing will flow effortlessly for you. Your convo will flow correctly. You will do what a Player does to score if it is your desire to score at that time.

If you get rejected you will behave as a Player behaves and move on and not take it personally.

You will be above everything, watching and motovating and controlling your own environment or game.

For several months I have been pondering why is this game so easy for me now and I believe this post is the correct path to truth.

For me personally I am a Player. I live as a player. I think as a player. When I get tired of ‘being” a player then I will remake myself into something else.

I don’t rely on techniques anymore. I don’t caculate time here or try to remember stupid lines. I just do. I do as a player does. I walk as a player walks. I stand as a player stands.

Look at this picture, if it’s still up on the net:…p?id=1225&ind=4

Notice the way I am presenting myself and the way my buddy is presenting himself.

His response was I was trying to get my face ready for the shot. My response is you should of had your game face on already when you became conscious that morning until you became unconscious at night. He*ll you even should sleep as a player sleeps bruh.

I am not saying not to learn the techniques. What I am advocating is become what you are seeking.

I hope this isn’t too esoteric for you guys. For those of you who can follow what I’m saying give me a shout out.


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