How to attract women:10 Tips for a Successful First Date

How To Attract Women

10 Tips for a successful first date

When it comes to learning how to attract women let me share with you 10 tips for going on a first date to help you make sure that you’re taking your relationship where you want it to go.


How To Attract Women Tip1


For your first tip what you want to do is take her somewhere that you go often. By doing this you’ll give yourself a lot of credibility and value if you take her to place where everyone knows you and this is important for you students who learning how to attract women. I want you to stop and chat with the staff there. Learn their names and make sure they know yours. At a local restaurant that I go to everyone there knows my name. Including both of the managers. If you don’t have a place like this yet, make one.


How To Attract Women Tip2


how to attract women_a-couple-at-restaurant

Take her some place cool like an interesting restaurant. And here is a little extra tip. It’s a lot more fun to go eat some type of authentic ethnic food than just going to a more common restaurant. Okay. Imagine at a middle eastern type of place where you have to sit down at one big table versus some boring stuffy place. But, word of caution, you don’t want it too be so interesting that there’s always something crazy going on and you can’t talk to her. Your goal is to get her life story which is one of the major ways of increasing attraction in women believe it or not. More on that later.


How To Attract Women Tip3


Relax & Chill. Yeah, chill out. I want you to relax. The more you relax and show that you’re comfortable, the more she is gonna relax. how to attract women_relax and chillIf you feel like you’re getting nervous or tense, I want you to just take a deep breath, relax your shoulder muscles and smile. I know it is stressful but I want you to focus on having a good time. Okay? Good!


How To Attract Women Tip4


Change your expectations. So many guys that I meet wrap expectations around everything they do. They think, “buying dinner = she’s going to be my girlfriend or wife.” If you just spend the time that you’re together having a good time, acting like you would around someone you already know well and show that you couldn’t care less if anything happens between the two of you, you’ll have a much better chance of progressing things than if you act like she’s the first girl you’ve seen in twenty years, acting really nervous and so dumb that she runs away.


How To Attract Women Tip5


Get her life story. Don’t talk about normal boring topics or “dude topics”. I you want you to talk about what job she has, where she has gone to or goes to college. If she is 20 years of age then she has 20 years of life experiences that you can talk about. how to attract women_girl-lifting-weights Hold back on the dude topics like sports, lifting weights or something like that if SHE is already very interested in them. Also, don’t hang on to a topic like it’s the only thing you can talk about. If a conversation dies, bring it always back to her life. Store up things she said earlier in her conversation to talk about. For example if she said she went to Germany in passing then bring up Germany. So many things you can ask about that:

  • how was the flight?
  • how was the airport/security?
  • how was the hotel or did she stay with relatives?
  • if relatives that is a whole new subject to ask her about

and on and on you can go.


How To Attract Women Tip6


Have a story or two that you can tell if you run out of things to say. Many experts believe that one of the best ways to keep a conversation going is to have a few stories that you can tell at any time. When the conversation stops, just say, “Anyway,” and go into a story. The story doesn’t have to be something too amazing, just a little bit different. It helps if you can segue the story to something she mentioned. So back to our Germany example. “You know speaking of Germany I once had a …etc etc.


How To Attract Women Tip7


Be a jack of all trades. By this I mean you want to know a little bit about a lot of things. Hey you can probably ask me about almost anything and I may know enough about it to talk for at least 5 minutes. how to attract women_toastmasters speakerActually I am a seasoned toastmaster and this is one of the things that we learn how to do (speaking off the cuff). The more you know about, the easier it will be to hold conversations on just about any topic. I do recommend joining one of your local Toastmasters groups.


How To Attract Women Tip8


Shut UP! Look fella, if your date wants to talk, listen to her. Women to talk and get the feeling that what they have to say is important. This doesn’t mean that you should ask her endless questions in a interrogation style, trying to get her to talk. If she’s not talking, feel free to. But, don’t interrupt her if she is.


How To Attract Women Tip9


The less you try to impress the more you impress What do I mean by this? Don’t try to impress your date. One of the worst things a lot of dudes do is talk about how much money they make, what kind of a car they drive. Basically coming off as “try hards.” To women this is a sign of insecurity which is a game killer for guys who want to attract women. If you do have a cool house or car, let her find out on her own when she sees it. And if she isn’t impressed by it, don’t be surprised. Look, I want you to just work on being a relaxed, fun, cool guy than a try hard who is desperately trying to show off and impress a female.


How To Attract Women Tip10


Proof is in the planninghow to attract women_plan-icon-small You ever hear that? Well it’s true. I want you to have a plan. You need to have your date planned in advance. And although you should have it planned, you may also want to be flexible. If something comes up that could be a lot of fun, don’t be creepy and so rigid that you can’t change plans. Your plan should be more of a guideline so that you always have something to do.

So there you have it, 10 tips for your first date. These tips are guaranteed to help any student trying to learn how to attract women go on more dates more often than ever before!


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